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April 03, 2014
Building backlink is one of the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Thank you for your staying at We provide you with a lot of free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to assist you in achieving your SEO goal. We also provide you with free web directory service and shop online experience. Submit your site to us and we will review it within 3 to 5 business days.

Why submit to web directory?

Web directory is an alternate way to promote your bussiness. Search engines promote your bussiness by placing an ad beside the search results or if you have a high Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

The price tag to place an ad on search engine is very high and you need to constantly investing money to keep displaying your ad. Web directory works slightly different. There are web directories that will accept your submission, like us, and place your ad in the selected category permanently. Some web directories may require you to pay a monthly or annual fee. Depends on what is your targeted goal. Submitting to both paid and free web directory will most likely give you the best outcome.

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